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  • Onryo-zashiki, a Japanese-style haunted mansion

    Opening on 20 April 2018
    Tokyo Dome City Attractions

    “Onryo zashiki” Special summer version 2019 (Read article)

    A new attraction will be added soon to Tokyo Dome City Attractions! The “Onryo-zashiki”, a haunted house, will be opened in the LaQua zone.

    A special Japanese-style haunted house

    Remove your shoes and enter the house… where a terrible tragedy once happened to a couple, whose ghost spirit still lives on. Watch your bare feet. The malicious spirit will attack you from beneath the tatami floor.

    Scary experience amplified by teamLab’s digital work

    This Onryo-zashiki or a “Japanese-style room haunted by a rancorous spirit” is a production of Hirofumi Gomi, a Japanese haunted-house creator. This year, teamLab, a group of technologists specializing in digital art, joined for the first time in the production, thereby realizing a brand-new horror entertainment.

    180119 おばけ_ポスター 打

    Like to visit the house?

    It can be super eerie. Mind you, it is quite rare to take off your shoes at such an attraction, even in the country peopled by yokai (sprits, specters and monsters alike) and yurei (ghosts and spirits)!

    If you like to visit just this ghost house (820 yen), that is also possible. Admission to Tokyo Dome City Attractions is free!

    Tokyo Dome City Attractions (above) and Thunder Dolphin (below)

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