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Gyoza Fest Tokyo 2019


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  • Gyoza Fest

    2 – 6 May 2019
    Komazawa Olympic Park

    Ever since it was born in 2016, Gyoza Fest has drawn a total of more than 770,000 visitors over the time. In 2019 this popular foodie event will take place simultaneously in three cities – Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima.

    In Tokyo, it will be held for the first time during the Golden Week, which is a period with multiple national holidays, from the end of April through beginning of May. And that’s great: this year, Golden Week will be an extra vacation period for many Japanese, with 10 consecutive national holidays.

    If not lucky enough to get out of town, one can still indulge in food, drink and conversation under the blue sky in a spacious park.

    Specially so, for gyoza fans!

    餃子フェス 2019

    We Love Gyoza!

    Gyoza (jiaozi in Chinese) is a Japanese staple food today, quite on par with “curry rice”.

    A sort of half-moon shaped ravioli, gyoza is stuffed with finely minced meat (most commonly pork and sometimes chicken) and finely chopped vegetables such as green onion and cabbage.

    It is cooked in a variety of ways – steamed, grilled, deep-fried or boiled in soup. Soy sauce and chili oil are the most standard condiments to go with. But other ingredients and toppings have emerged also, such as cheese and fresh coriander leaves, for example.

    餃子フェス 2019

    Highlights of Gyoza Fest 2019 in Tokyo

    At Gyoza Fest, you can find out a fascinating world of gyoza during this year’s GW (dubbed “Gyoza Week” for the event).

    Not only the orthodox dumplings, but also a range of delicious, “entertaining”, “cutting-edge” gyozas coming from all over Japan will await you there – perfect stuff to go with beer, Italian fusion with tasty tomato sauce, deliciously browned crispy ones with juicy stuffing …

    餃子フェス 2019

    Live entertainment

    Sample delicious gyoza, with live music and even sporting events, to be organized for the first time at the Gyoza Fest. In short, you can feel a good vibe under the sun!

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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