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Golden Week holiday events and sights in Tokyo 2018

Cherry blossoms, and now azalea and wisteria… Flowers have peaked 10 days earlier than average in Tokyo this year. 

Alternative activities for the season? Let’s celebrate the Golden Week annual holidays with Tokyoites.

Here’s editor’s picks: festivities, exhibitions, fitness events and attractions.


Celebrate Hawaii in Tokyo

28 April – 6 May, Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi)

amuzen Hawaii festival in Roppongi “ANA presents HML FESTIVAL”

28 April – 6 May, Odaiba VenusFort

amuzen “Odaiba Hawaii Festival 2018”

A new theater fetival at Hibiya with many free spectacles

26 April – 20 May, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

amuzen “Hibiya Festival”

Classical music in town, with free & affordable mini-concerts

3 – 5 May, Marunouchi/ Ikebukuro


J-Pop time! Excellent live music for free

5 -6 May, Roppongi Hills

amuzen “TOKYO M.A.P.S 2018”

Colourful carp streamers and out-door events

20 April - 2 May, Tokyo Midtown Roppongi

amuzen “2018 GW event at Tokyo Midtown Roppongi”

Japanese art and architecture

until 27 May, NMMA

amuzen “Yokoyama Taikan exhibition” in Tokyo, 2018

on-going until 17 September, Mori Art Museum

amuzen “Japan in Architecture” exhibition at Mori Art Museum

until 13 May, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

amuzen “The cat in art exhibition 2018 at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo”

 A new theater restaurant staging traditional performing arts every day

amuzen “Suigi-an: A dazzling space to meet age-old arts”

Stretch and relax on the grass

until 10 June, Toranomon Hills

Toranomon Hills Yoga (spring 2017) “OUR PARKS SPRING ‘TORANOMON HILLS YOGA’ ” (amuzen article)

Scary experience?

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

amuzen “Onryo-zashiki” haunted house at Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Karaoke Ferris wheel, Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Karaoke Ferris Wheel at Tokyo Dome City Attractions (amuzen articles)

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