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New Year’s long trail walk to the Mitake Shrine

  • New Year’s long trail walk to the Mitake Shrine

    by Go.Field Associates
    11 January 2016

    Attract your chance of the year 2016 by … joining “Long Trail Walk through Mt.Mitake and Mt. Hinode”, the place said to be full of spiritual power! Enjoy trail walking with your fellow participants, overlooking pretty valleys amid the nature of Okutama. On top of Mount Mitake, pay New Year’s homage to the Musashi Mitake Shrine. At Mount Hinode, have a pleasant lunch break on the summit with a superb view overlooking the Kanto Plain. You can participate alone or with your buddies. The course is good for beginners also, as a large part of the altitude is covered by taking cable car. A guide is provided by the organizer, Go.Field Associates, a company that organizes clubs and events for meeting friends through sports.

    「1/11 Long Trail Walk 御岳山・日の出山」(article by amuzen)

  • Place name Okutama (Mount Miyake, Mount Hinode, Mitake Shrine)
    (in Japanese) 奥多摩(御岳山、日の出山、御嶽神社)
    Website go to website  (in Japanese)
    Phone 03-6718-2855 (10 am-6 pm on weekdays)
    Dates 11 January 2016 (Monday & National Holiday)
    Opening hours Meeting at 9:05 am
    Price ¥3600
    *Transportation fee (bus & cable car) extra
    *Fee for onsen extra (if you like to have a dip in a hot spring after walk)
    Remarks  ・maximum 20 people (minimum 8)
    ・prepare clothing for long trail walk (details to be communicated to the participants)
    ・bring your own lunch, water and power snacks
    ・rental shoes available
    ・no event in case of stormy weather
    ・cancellation fee will be charged from three days before the event
    Address Meeting outside the ticket gate of Mitake Station (JR Ome Line)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.


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