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“GeGeGe 100 Stories of Yokai” at Sunshine City


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  • GeGeGe 100 Stories of Yokai

    10 – 26 August 2019
    Sunshine City

    This summer, wander into the world of Mizuki’s beloved “yokai” and get immersed in a modern version of “hyaku-monogatari” – a summer pastime, once in vogue in the country, of telling one hundred ghost stories to feel the chill and test your courage.

    (All images © Mizuki Production)

    GeGeGe 100 Stories of Yokai

    Here come frightening sensations and super creeps – with certain folkloric sensibility and gentleness.

    The late Shigeki Mizuki is a worldly renowned manga artist, best known for his “GeGeGe no Kitaro” series about a ghost boy named Kitaro that fights “yokai”.

    Drawing inspiration from Mizuki’s work, this brand-new interactive show will be set in the Yokai world haunted by creepy creatures.

    Yokai – monsters, ghosts and eerie spirits alike – inhabits the world of Japanese folklore, nurtured by the country’s rich natural environment, with forests, fields, rivers and mountains.

    Malicious and fearful, they haunt humans. But some helplessly mournful or outrageously out of shape, they can also be pitiful, humorous and lovable.

    Highlights of “GeGeGe 100 Stories of Yokai”

    *Titles below are not official translation; given for our readers’ convenience only.

    ◆Room with signs of yokai (妖気の部屋)

    ゲゲゲの妖怪100物語 (サンシャインシティ)

    ◆Cave of bewitching lights (妖光の洞窟)

    ゲゲゲの妖怪100物語 (サンシャインシティ)

    ◆Labyrinth of yokai (妖怪大迷宮)

    ゲゲゲの妖怪100物語 (サンシャインシティ)

    ゲゲゲの妖怪100物語 (サンシャインシティ)

    ゲゲゲの妖怪100物語 (サンシャインシティ)

    ◆Castle of female yokai (女妖怪の棲む城)

    ゲゲゲの妖怪100物語 (サンシャインシティ)

    ◆Blazing cave (火炎の洞窟)

    ゲゲゲの妖怪100物語 (サンシャインシティ)

    ◆Frozen cave (風雪洞窟)

    ゲゲゲの妖怪100物語 (サンシャインシティ)

    ◆Youkai Department Store (妖怪百貨店)

    Yokai goods on sale…

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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