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Amano Takashi “Nature Aquarium” Exhibition


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  • Amano Takashi “Nature Aquarium” Exhibition

    8 November 2017 – 14 January 2018
    Gallery AaMo

    Gallery AaMo is a cultural space opened in April 2017 at Tokyo Dome City, which holds a series of lively exhibitions combining art, media and entertainment. This unique gallery will host the first large-scale exhibition in Japan featuring the worldly famous aqua-landscape master Takashi Amano and his “Nature Aquarium”.

    Nature aquarium

    A deep forest underwater… A beautiful, mysterious garden in a large fish tank… Amano’s artistic renditions of nature have attracted many fans and admirers around the globe. This exhibition highlights the “aquascaper” Takashi Amano and 11 works of his nature aquariums, including a tank specially prepared for the occasion.

    To understand further the creative universe of Amano, his photographs of magnificent cedar trees of the primitive forest on Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture, will be on display (Amano is also a prominent photographer).

    Enlarged photo of cedar trees in Sado

    In addition, photo images present his worldly popular “Underwater Forest”, which is a large nature aquarium with a total length of 40 meters, housed in the Lisbon Oceanarium.
    “Underwater Forest” at the Lisbon Oceanarium
    Photos of prize winners at International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (hosted by Aqua Design Amano) are also on display

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