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  • Fukagawa Hachiman matsuri

    11 – 15 August 2018
    Tomioka Hachiman-gu Shrine

    The annual festival of Tomioka Hachiman-gu Shrine takes place every mid-August. The “Fukagawa Hachiman matsuri” is counted among the three major festivals of Edo (premodern Tokyo).

    Tomioka Hachiman-gu Shrine

    The Shinto sanctuary founded in 1627 enshrines Hachiman-shin (or Yawata-no-kami), a popular deity among samurais and venerated as a Buddhist god as well. Under the aegis of the Tokugawa shogun, Tomioka Hachiman-gu became a popular place of worship among people.

    The shrine is also an important place for the history of sumo, as the first matches of the contemporary-style game took place here in 1684.



    Key points of Fukagawa Hachiman Festival 2018

    Water Festival

    The festival is popularly called “water-throwing festival” as the bearers of mikoshi or portable shrines get purified, as they go around, with buckets of water that spectators toss at them.

    © (公財) 東京観光財団 © TCVB
    © (公財) 東京観光財団 © TCVB

    Ninomiya mikoshi procession on 12 August

    This year, the festival celebration will reach a culmination with the procession of Ninomiya, one of the shrine’s mikoshi, which weights as much as 2 tons and is as high as 3 meters. It’s going to be spectacular!

    Performing arts and stalls

    Every day during the festival, traditional performing arts and contemporary entertainment are staged in the shrine precincts.

    Also, a number of festival stalls will line the approach to the shrine, all the way from the subway Monzen-nakacho Station.

    So why not take a look, if you seek an ambiance of matsuri or traditional Japanese festival?

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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