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“Mt.FUJI Eco-Cycling 2016” – Eco-friendly bike ride around Mt.Fuji


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  • Mt.FUJI Eco-Cycling 2016

    3 – 4 September 2016
    Entry until 16 August 2016



    Let’s go on an eco-friendly bike ride in the natural setting of Mt.Fuji, symbol of Japan and UNECO’s World Heritage Site. The event will be held as the ninth stage of “Tour de Nippon 2016”. Not just a bicycle race, Tour de Nippon is organized as an opportunity for discovery of local culture and environment, as well as for friendship.

    Starting from Lake Yamanaka, the stage covers Fuji Five Lakes (the other lakes being Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Motosu, Lake Sai and Lake Shoji) located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Choose a distance from three options (120km, 60km and 25km), each with panoramic views!

    Both seasoned riders and beginners are welcome. At aid stations, local specialty snacks will be offered.

    Mt.FUJIエコサイクリング2016 ~富士五湖サイクルツアー~ (amuzen article)Mt.FUJIエコサイクリング2016 ~富士五湖サイクルツアー~ (amuzen article)

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