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Flowers by Naked: an earliest o-hanami in Tokyo


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  • FLOWERS by NAKED 2018 “Rondo”

    23 January – 26 February 2018
    Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

    O-hanami, or literally, “blossom viewing”, will not have to wait until April.

    The “Flowers by Naked” exhibition offers a unique occasion of o-hanami in an artistic form, for one month from late January at Nihonbashi, close to Tokyo Station.

    Enter an enchanted garden to see, feel, touch and smell flowers. The popular event brings together a variety of floral arts, ranging from ikebana (flower arrangements), artificial and preserved flowers, to flowery images and installations, presented splendidly with special effects using projection mapping technology, sound and aroma.

    amuzen 「FLOWERS by NAKED 2018 輪舞曲 (フワラーズバイネイキッド 2018 ロンド)」

    ◆ The 2018 theme is Rondo

    The third edition of the Nihonbashi exhibition will be delivered under the theme “Rondo”. Anticipate and celebrate the arrival of spring with the presentation of floral arts, dance and music performances, unfolding like a gentle Rondo.

    ◆10 interactive exhibits

    Explore 10 interactive installations, for instance, to make your own flower(s) blossom or take snapshots of an art garden of spring ikebana flowers.

    amuzen 「FLOWERS by NAKED 2018 輪舞曲 (フワラーズバイネイキッド 2018 ロンド)」
    Make your flower blossom in this art presented in collaboration with “LANVIN en bleu”

    ◆ O-hanami space “Osai”

    Can you imagine an o-hanami without a bit of merry-making and tasting sake? Of course not. In the space “Osai”, experience o-hanami joyfully and elegantly under the canopy of a cherry-tree decoration. Taste sake, while watching spring nymphs dancing to the music in rondo form played by the violin (fees for food and drink extra).

    amuzen 「FLOWERS by NAKED 2018 輪舞曲 (フワラーズバイネイキッド 2018 ロンド)」

    ◆ Ikebana art

    Be ready also to be wowed by a new ikebana installation presented by Akane Teshigahara, the grand master of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, teamed up with creators of NAKED, Inc.

    ◆ Early-bird special

    The purchasers of advance tickets or tickets coming with a decorative tape (photo below) will be given the privilege to see the exhibition on 18 January 2018, two days earlier than the grand opening.

    amuzen 「FLOWERS by NAKED 2018 輪舞曲 (フワラーズバイネイキッド 2018 ロンド)」
    Decorative tape

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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