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  • FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 – Risshun –

    2 February – 20 March 2017
    Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

    Directed by the creative company NAKED Inc. (led by Ryotaro Muramatsu), this interactive art exhibition brings spring to you, with colourful flowers, gentle fragrances, and food and drink to accompany a joyful experience of o-hanami (viewing of cherry blossoms). Following the success in 2016 (with 150,000 visitors), the scaled up 2017 version is delivered under the title “the earliest o-hanami in Japan, at Nihonbashi”, on the tune of “Sakura hara-hara” sung by Ai Otsuka as the theme song.

    FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 – Risshun – (amuzen article)

    The exhibition invites you to “experience flowers with the five senses” through the exhibits of ikebana, digital images and objects, combined with music and fragrances. At this quite photogenic and unique exhibition, you can take photos freely, anywhere. Several FLOWER photo spots are also set up in the vicinity (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi Takashimaya, YUITO, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower and Nihonbashi Information Center). You may get goodies by uploading their pictures to SNS!

    This is the entrance to the world of “FLOWERS by NAKED”. Spring has arrived, though it is still chilly.

    FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 – Risshun – (amuzen article)

    Stand by the wall. Your flower (among 27 kind of flowers such as roses, pansies…) will open and give you a message in the flower language. This year, special Piaget Roses, created in partnership with the luxury brand “Piaget”, will also blossom in this section.

    FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 – Risshun – (amuzen article)

    Blow the dandelion fluff in a transparent cylindrical object of 6 meters high. The fluff bits will float dreamingly in the air by projection mapping.

    FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 – Risshun – (amuzen article)

    Enter the frozen flower garden, serene in the dark of winter. The atoms, before turning into life forms, are floating around preserved flowers and objects. Then the light flows into the flowers and spreads like the sunlight.

    FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 – Risshun – (amuzen article)

    ◆(Title to be announced)
    A new, dynamic installation will be produced together by Ikebana Sogetsu and NAKED Inc., using bamboos (Sogetsu School’s signature material) to express the arrival of spring.

    ◆ Ousai
    This artistic space is decked with cherry blossoms, both real flowers and those made of washi (Japanese paper), hung on the ceiling. The Spring Spirit (created by the fashion designer Keita Maruyama) causes the first spring breeze, making sprouts of trees to emerge and grow. Here, enjoy the earliest cherry blossom viewing in Japan! Like a real o-hanami, sip sake or original flower cocktails. Try delicate sweets made with matcha and sakura (cherry flowers and/or leaves).

    FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 – Risshun – (amuzen article)

    ◆The Secret of the Secret Garden
    This secret laboratory controls the universe of FLOWERS by NAKED. Colourful test tubes and bottles are lined up, as though they are creating, right here, the installations and art works that you have already seen. Check also the original fragrances used in different areas of exhibits.

    FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 – Risshun – (amuzen article)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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