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The exhibition “Art and Power”


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  • Art & Power: From Pharaohs to Daimyōs
    Masterworks from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    23 July – 2 October 2022
    Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum



    The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston boasts one of the world’s finest collections of art, covering a wide range of times and regions, from the United States to ancient Egypt, Asia and Europe.

    Through a selection of about 60 fine works from its collection, the show will shed light on the relationship between hierarchs and art, in the east and the west.

    More than half of the works will be on view for the first time in Japan.

    This show, initially scheduled in 2020 to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Boston museum, had been postponed due to the pandemic situation.

    All photographs © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


    Highlights of the show “Art & Power”

    ◆ Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    The fine works on display pertain to hierarchs in the world history, from Egyptian pharaohs, European royal aristocrats, to Japanese emperors and daimyos.


    「ボストン美術館展 芸術×力」東京都美術館

    エジプト (ブバスティス出土)、新王国、第19王朝、ラメセス2世治世時、紀元前1279-紀元前1212年
    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Egypt Exploration Fund by subscription


    「ボストン美術館展 芸術×力」東京都美術館

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Given in memory of Governor Alvan T. Fuller by the Fuller Foundation


    「ボストン美術館展 芸術×力」東京都美術館

    伝 狩野永徳《韃靼人朝貢図屏風》桃山時代、16世紀後半
    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Fenollosa-Weld Collection


    「ボストン美術館展 芸術×力」東京都美術館

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Bequest of William A. Coolidge


    ◆ Japanese picture scrolls (emaki)

    Two excellent picture scrolls, “Kibi Daijin nittō emaki” and “The Tale of Heiji” (Night Attack on the Sanjō Palace) will be on view.


    ◆ Crafts and jewelry

    From Marjorie Merriweather Post’s favorite emerald brooch to Napoleon’s first wife, Josephine‘s porcelain.


    「ボストン美術館展 芸術×力」東京都美術館

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kravis


    「ボストン美術館展 芸術×力」東京都美術館

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, William Francis Warden Fund, Marshall H. Gould Fund, Frank B. Bemis Fund, Mary S. and Edward Jackson Holmes Fund, John H. and Ernestine A. Payne Fund, Otis Norcross Fund, Helen and Alice Colburn Fund, William E. Nickerson Fund, Arthur Tracy Cabot Fund, Edwin E. Jack Fund, Frederick Brown Fund, Elizabeth Marie Paramino Fund in memory of John F. Paramino, Boston Sculptor, Morris and Louise Rosenthal Fund, Harriet Otis Cruft Fund, H.E. Bolles Fund, Seth K. Sweetser Fund, Helen B. Sweeney Fund, Ernest Kahn Fund, Arthur Mason Knapp Fund, John Wheelock Elliot and John Morse Elliot Fund, Susan Cornelia Warren Fund, Mary L. Smith Fund, Samuel Putnam Avery Fund, Alice M. Bartlett Fund, Benjamin Pierce Cheney Donation, Frank M. and Mary T.B. Ferrin Fund, and Joyce Arnold Rusoff Fund
    Reproduced with permission.


    ◆ Masterpiece by a daimyo literati

    “Peafowls and Flowers” by a daimyo Mashiyama Sessai (1754-1819, in the middle of the Edo period) of the Ise Nagashima domain has been restored for this show and will be on view for the first time in Japan.


    「ボストン美術館展 芸術×力」東京都美術館

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Fenollosa-Weld Collection

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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