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Shinjuku Eisa Festival – a feast of Okinawa dance on a hot summer day


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  • Shinjuku Eisa Festival

    Area around Shinjuku Station
    30 July 2016


    Shinjuku Eisa” is a popular festival held in Tokyo in the end of July. On a (usually very hot) summery day, the whole Shinjuku area vibrates to the beat of Okinawa dance and music. Eisa has its roots in a tradition in the Okinawa region in south of Japan. During the festival of “Bon” (or “O-Bon”) held according to the lunisolar calendar, people welcome ancestral spirits to their place. On the last day their “guests” will be sent off to the other world, to the accompaniment of Eisa, a Buddhist dance practiced in the region. In 2001, an Eisa troupe from Okinawa was invited to Shijuku for performance for the first time. Over the years the annual event has become one of the most popular festivals in the metropolis. So much so that, in 2016, as many as 27 Eisa troupes (including one invited from Okinawa) and more than 1,000 dancers will participate in the event. Some 1.2 million spectators are anticipated. So swing to the Eisa music and enjoy the vibrant dance with drums. Of several venues of performance, the easiest is to go watch the parade along the main street (Shinjuku Street) stretching from Studio Alta to Marui Annex. For gourmets and music lovers, there will also be “Okinawa Food Garden” and “Okinawa Music Festival” to discover the region’s rich cultural flavours. advertisement

    新宿エイサーまつり 2016 (amuzen article)

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