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  • Edogawa Fireworks Festival

    the bank of Edogawa (Edo River)
    6 August 2016

    Fireworks festivals held in summer are numerous in Japan. Among them, Edogawa Fireworks Festival is counted among the most popular ones. The reason? It is utterly spectacular, as large fireworks are fired into the sky from a close distance, right above the spectators on the banks of the Edogawa (Edo River).

    The 2016 edition delivers an eight-part programme under the grand theme “Edogawa Fireworks of Passion”. The nocturnal show opens up with a spectacular firing of 1,000 fireworks in just 5 seconds. In the part entitled “Diamond Fuji”, particles of pyrotechnic light are arranged in an image of the sun rising over Mount Fuji. As for “Red Lightening”, the night sky will be dyed in red with lightning speed. And of course, the program will end with a flamboyant grand finale…

    「江戸川区花火大会」2016 情熱江戸川花火を鑑賞! (amuzen article)

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