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Pokémon PikaPika Festival – Decks Tokyo Beach


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  • Pokémon PikaPika Festival

    Decks Tokyo Beach
    12 July – 31 August 2016


    Perhaps the Pokémon Go craze is just a happy coincidence for the present event, prepared long before the mobile game’s launch on 22 July in Japan. Imagine capturing Pokémon on your smartphone, while surrounded by life-size Pokémon projected around you? Or imagine, battling against other players’ Pokémon at a “Poké gym”, while being greeted by a Pikachu-suit figure, walking in the premises?

    DECKS Tokyo Beach, a mall and amusement complex located at Odaiba, is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary with “Pokémon PikaPika Festival”. The event is tied in with the latest film “Pokémon the Movie XY & Z: Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna”, similarly commemorating two decades of the popular game.

    At “ILLUSION DOME” on the seaside deck, wander into the realm of the film. Meet Pocket Monsters appearing 360 degrees around you, thanks to projection mapping technology.

    At a special photo spot, immortalize yourself with Pikachu and Magearna (a Steel and Mythical Pokémon featured in the new film). The spot is set with a large heart-shaped frame overlooking Tokyo Bay!

    For a romantic twist, how about going for “Odaiba Illumination YAKEI”? Trees on the waterfront path, as well as the ILLUSION DOME and a heart-shaped photo spot, will be lit quite nicely in the evening.

    Pokemon PikaPika Festival – Decks Tokyo Beach (article d’amuzen)Pokemon PikaPika Festival – Decks Tokyo Beach (article d’amuzen)Pokemon PikaPika Festival – Decks Tokyo Beach (article d’amuzen)

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