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  • Countdown 2020 at Diamond & Flower Ferris Wheel

    31 December 2019 – 1 January 2020
    Kasai Seaside Park (kasai rinkai koen)

    The grand Ferris wheel at Kasai Seaside Park, one stop away from Tokyo Disneyland on train, will be open exceptionally all night on New Year’s Eve to celebrate New Year 2020.

    The admission to Kasai Seaside Park and the countdown will be free.


    ◆Countdown to New Year 2020 at the Ferris wheel

    The lights of the Ferris wheel will go off just before the countdown to New Year.  Join the countdown, elbow to elbow with fellow visitors, to welcome New Year 2020, amid excitement and cheers.

    A bonus: you can see, from the park, New Year’s fireworks launched above nearby Tokyo Disneyland.

    *Note: There will be no Countdown stage show for this year.

    ◆Celebrate New Year 2020 with the Ferris wheel

    Weather permitting, have a magnificent panorama of Tokyo Bay and catch a glimpse of the first sunrise of the year. Seeing the first sunrise is considered to be auspicious in Japan to start a good new year.

    Also admire the view of Mount Fuji at a distance, from 117 meters high in the sky.

    One more plus: on 2 and 3 January, the first 200 Ferris wheel riders each day will receive a fuku-bukuro (“lucky gift bag”) as a small token of New Year celebration.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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