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  • Tokyo urges its residents and businesses to prepare for a state of emergency

    3 April 2020


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    Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike announced at the press conference today the outline of measures the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will implement in case of the nation’s declaration of a state of emergency.

    Tokyo urges to prepare for a state of emergencySource: Tokyo Governor’s Office website

    As of today, at the brink of coronavirus outbreak, the Government of Japan is still hesitant to declare a state of emergency (“kinkyu-jitai sengen”).

    The Governor made this announcement in this critical conjuncture so that the Tokyo residents and businesses may prepare themselves in advance.


    Tokyo’s measures in case of Japan’s state of emergency

    When the nation declares a state of emergency, based on the Special Measures Law, Tokyo shall request:

    ・ the Tokyo residents to refrain from going out; and

    ・ the establishments and event organizers to restrict or suspend the use of their facilities, etc. (The details of such requests will be determined according to the nation’s policy that will be announced in case of a state of emergency.).

    Meanwhile, shops of daily necessities such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, banks and stock exchanges, as well as other services required to maintain society, shall continue to operate.

    In case of a state of emergency, Tokyo shall also set up:

    a call center so that its residents and businesses can make inquires.


    Take measures to slow the spread of COVID-19

    At the press conference, the Tokyo Governor also urged its residents to continue to take measures to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

    Namely, to avoid three “mitsu” (or crowded) situations – crowded places; closed and poorly ventilated spaces; and conversation with one’s face close to others.

    She further reiterated Tokyo’s request to refrain from going out, especially for non-urgent and non-essential purposes, during the evenings and this weekend.

    *For details and for the sake of accuracy, consult the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s official website.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.


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