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  • Cinco de Mayo Festival Tokyo 2016

    Odaiba (Aomi J Area)
    3 – 5 May 2016


    Happy Cinco de Mayo! The greatest and most joyous Latin festival in Japan is back to Tokyo, this year to be held at Odaiba. The event is full of Latin American and Caribbean sounds, dances and regional culinary delights that will certainly please many.

    On stage, popular bands and talented groups will be playing: Sabotten Brothers (authentic mariachi), Los Aspirants (Bolivian folklore), PJ Samba (Brazilian duo), Alicia Saldenha and Angie & Team Angella Giustini (Trinidad and Tobago), Sabor K-liente (Latin band of Camp Zama, the army of the United States) and many more.

    Nos vemos en Odaiba!

    「日本最大、ごきげんなラテンフェス―シンコ デ マヨ フェスティバル 東京」

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  • Place name Odaiba (Aomi J Area)
    (in Japanese) お台場(青海J区画会場)
    Website go to website  Cinco de Mayo Japan
    go to website  facebook page
    Phone 03-6861-3983 Cinco de Mayo Japan
    Dates 3 – 5 May 2016
    Opening hours 10 am – 9 pm
    Price ¥1500 (Advance ticket ¥1000)
    Address 2 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Getting there
    • 5 min walk from Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line)

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