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    20 March – 19 April 2020
    Tokyo Midtown


    * Updated on 6 March: “MIDTOW BLOSSOM” has been cancelled as a preventative measure against Covid-19.


    Cherry blossom at Tokyo Midtown

    Located near Roppongi intersection, Tokyo Midtown is a large commercial complex, known as part of the “Roppongi Art Triangle”.

    Midtown is also a great site for o-hanami in the middle of Tokyo, with some 150 cherry trees that burst into bloom every spring.


    Highlights of MIDTOWN BLOSSOM 2020

    The annual spring celebration will take place in the garden and the buildings of Tokyo Midtown.

    ◆ Illuminated cherry trees 2020

    The cherry trees lining the stretch of Sakura-dori will be lit up gorgeously: in pink shades before the blossoming, and in white at the burst of flowers.

    【dates】 20 March – 19 April
    【hours】 5 – 11 pm
    【place】 Midtown Garden along Sakura-dori Street

    ミッドタウン・ブロッサム 2020

    ◆ Spring Flower Display

    Showcases gorgeous spring flower art.

    【Dates】20 March – 19 April
    【time】9:30 am – midnight

    ミッドタウン・ブロッサム 2020

    What is expected for this year’s Spring Flower art display

    ◆ Street Museum

    Street exhibition of latest works by 6 award winning artists of the Tokyo Midtown Award 2019.

    【dates】20 March – 19 April
    【hours】6:30 am – 0:30 am
    【place】Plaza B1


    ミッドタウン・ブロッサム 2020

    Photo from last year

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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