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  • Cherry blossom festival 2023 at ARK Hills

    31 March – 2 April 2023
    ARK Hills


    Every spring the neighbourhood of ARK Hills will awash in soft shades of pink.

    During the cherry blossom season 2023, the commercial complex will host events to celebrate spring, for the first time since four years ago.


    Cherry blossom festival 2023 at ARK Hills

    ◆ Cherry blossoms

    Some 150 Somei Yoshino cherry trees will burst into bloom along the surrounding streets, giving a total length of one kilometer, very pleasant to stroll along.


    ◆ Lighting of cherry trees

    Cherry trees lining the streets surrounding ARK Hills from Sakura-zaka to Spain-zaka will be lit up nicely.

    【Dates】 Late March – mid April (according to the flowering of cherry trees)
    【Hours】 5 – 10 pm

    arkhills sakura 2017


    ◆ ARK Hills Sakura Yokocho

    The third floor of ARK Hills will be turned into “Sakura Alley”, with live music and 1,000-yen snack and drink set on the occasion.


    ◆Gourmet stalls

    11 stalls will serve snacks to go for o-hanami party on artificial turf at the ARK Karajan Square.


    ◆O-hanami music

    Free live music by musicians during the festival.

    ark hills sakura 2017 miyabi todoroki


    ◆ Roof Garden: special public opening

    A special public opening of the Roof Garden on top of the Suntory Hall building

    【Time】 31 March (10 am – 5 pm); 1 April (10 am – 2 pm); 2 April (10 am – 5 pm)
    【Place】 Suntory Hall “Roof Garden”

    アークヒルズ さくらまつり 2023|あみゅーぜん


    ◆ Hills Marché special edition

    【Time】1 – 2 April (10 am – 5 pm)
    【Place】 ARK Karajan Square

    アークヒルズ さくらまつり 2023|あみゅーぜん

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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