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  • Caretta Illumination 2018-2019
    ~ Disney MovieNEX Princess Illumination ~

    15 November 2018 – 14 February 2019
    Caretta Shiodome

    Caretta Shiodome, a major commercial complex at Shiodome Shiosite, located close to Hamarikyu Garden, is counted among the most popular sites of winter lights festivals in Tokyo.

    This winter again, a fantasy world created with lights will unfold during the Christmas season 2018 through St Valentine’s Day 2019.

    Caretta Illumination 2018-2019

    For the 13th season this year, the lighting spectacle will feature “Princess Illumination”, offering lighting shows produced in imageries of Disney movies “Frozen” and “Tangled”.

    These two shows will be presented alternately from one week to another and be proceeded every day, at 5 pm, by an opening show featuring “Incredible 2”.

    You can see a light show every 15 minutes until 10 pm.

    Disney movie “Frozen”

    The world of “Frozen” will be expressed with lights in shades of blue, blinking to the tune of everyone’s favourite “Let It Go”.

    カレッタ汐留 イルミネーション 2018

    Disney movie “Tangled”

    Lanterns will be lit romantically around the central tree, to evoke the scene of lanterns in the Rapunzel story.

    カレッタ汐留 イルミネーション 2018

    Disney/Pixar movie “Incredible 2”

    This special show, which runs only once a day, will represent an imagery of “Incredible 2” to celebrate the launch of the MovieNEX Disney/Pixar video in Japan. The speedy and energetic choreography of this illuminated show is something new to Caretta’s lighting tradition.

    Additional show to be expected

    Yet another illumination show depicting an imagery of a Disney movie will be added to complete this season’s attraction.

    Winter lights in Tokyo 2018-2019: Find out more (link)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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