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  • Caretta Illumination 2016 Canyon d’Azur
    ~ Forest of Blue Spirit ~

    17 November 2016 – 14 February 2017
    Caretta Shiodome

    Every winter, “Canyon d’Azur” at Caretta Shiodome mesmerizes crowds. Last year, the fantastic illumination of 270,000 LEDs in shades of “azur” (blue) attracted some 500,000 visitors.

    Caretta Illumination - Canyon d’Azur 2016-2017 (amuzen article)

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    This winter, for the eleventh edition, the commercial complex located in Shiodome is lit again in lapis-lazuli, under the theme “the Forest of Blue Spirit”. A romantic illumination show using original music and colourful lights takes place at the atrium “Caretta Plaza” on the second basement level of the building. A series of installations are also placed at various places inside the complex. Visit them and discover the secret of the magical forest!

    In the middle of the Forest, make your wish and ring the “Bell of the Spirit”. The sounds echo and resonate against the walls, setting off a delightful show of sound and lights that fill the forest.

    After enjoying the show, go in search of eight messages left by the Forest’s Spirit. The location of the eighth message (which is the key to unravel the Forest’s secret) happens to be a photo spot for your selfies to immortalize your visit.

    And don’t forget to visit the 46th floor to catch a magnificent night view over Tokyo Bay, the Rainbow Bridge and the Odaiba area.

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