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  • A Million People’s Candle Night 2018

    16 June 2018
    Zojo-ji Temple


    The summer solstice approaching, “A Million People’s Candle Night” will be coming to Zojo-ji Temple at the next door of Tokyo Tower.

    The annual green event is co-hosted by “Daichi-wo-mamorukai”, the company providing home delivery service of organic food and the FM radio station J-WAVE (81.3 FM).


    What is the Candle Night?

    The Candle Night was started in 2003 in Japan as an effort to raise awareness of earth-friendly life. It invites you to pull the plug for a couple of hours from 8 to 10 pm on the summer and winter solstices. The present event to gather under candlelight in favour of the “slow life” has been organized as part of the broader movement.

    Candle Night 2018

    ◆ Gentle live music organized by J-Wave

    For the 2018 edition, live music will be performed by “nyca”. Special guests from “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia” will join the stage (MC: Rachel Chan).

    nyca candle night 2018
    nyca (Miu Sakamoto & Michael Kaneko)

    別所哲也 Lilico candle night 2018
    special guests LiLiCo (ambassador of “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia”) & Tetsuya Bessho (representative of “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia”)

    ◆Tokyo Tower’s lights to be dimmed

    At 8 pm, the stage guests and artists will lead the countdown with the audience to turn off the lights of Tokyo Tower, right next to Zojo-ji Temple. Share a gentle moment together by candlelight under Tokyo’s night sky


    ◆ Short films

    As a first-time event, short films featuring peace, society and environment will be screened in cooperation with “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia”.

    ◆ Organic Market

    Organic Market will take place from 11 am on the same day at the same venue. Have delicious meals and snacks, meet organic food producers, and find your favourite handmade articles.

    きゅうり candle night 2018

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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