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Super Harvest Moon 2015

27 – 28 September

Viewing the Mid-Autumn Moon used to be a perfect for feeling autumn, amid the chorus of singing crickets, with cool breeze gently caressing the grasses on the ground. The possibility of having such atmosphere depends now on the timing, as summer gets warmer and longer. Also, the date of the moon viewing moves from one year to another, either coming earlier or later to autumnal equinox. It comes later this year, towards the end of September. So we might have a good chance to celebrate really the autumn season?

O-tsukimi (お月見 moon viewing) is an occasion of thanksgiving for harvest and admiring the golden Mid-Autumn Moon on the jūgoya (十五夜 the fifteenth night of the eight month of the traditional Japanese lunisolar calendar), which falls on 27 September this year. Staying at home you can prepare offerings to the moon with dumplings, vegetables and autumn plants such as susuki (silver grass). You can also head for a Japanese garden, a museum, or maybe an onsen (hot springs) with special events. The next night is even more special, as the Harvest Moon on 28 September happens to be a supermoon, an extra-large full moon coming closest to the earth this year.

If you unfortunately miss the Mid-Autumn Moon celebration, catch up with the jūsanya (十三夜 the thirteenth night of the ninth month), which comes to 25 October 2015, to honour the waxing moon. You can to feel autumnal air even more, perhaps at a temple or shrine to the accompaniment of traditional music performance.

  • Contemplation de la lune au jardin Mukōjima Hyakkaen
    Les 26-28 septembre 2015

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