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ECO EDO Nihonbashi “Art Aquarium”


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  • ECO EDO Nihonbashi Art Aquarium 2019

    5 July – 23 September 2019
    Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

    The “Art Aquarium” is a delightful exhibition with installations using goldfish in illuminated aquariums.

    Produced by a Japanese artist Hidetomo Kimura, this brilliant show blending art, traditional crafts, design and entertainment has drawn millions of paying visitors over the years.

    For the 2019 edition, the show will be held at Nihonbashi in central Tokyo and also for the first time, at Kumamoto in Kyushu, the main southern island of Japan.

    ECO EDO 日本橋 アートアクアリウム 2019

    Art Aquarium 2019

    In Edo (premodern Tokyo), goldfish became popular among town dwellers as a symbol of summer. It felt like cooling off in the heat to look at goldfish swimming in a fish bowl.

    The 2019 show will revive the old tradition in contemporary times, in a most amazing artistic setting.

    ◆ Last show at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

    This will be the final exhibition to be held at this Tokyo exhibition hall, which has served as the venue for the show in the Japanese capital since the first edition held in 2011.

    More than 10,000 goldfish and most amazing works of Art Aquarium already displayed will be part of the show’s grand finale at the hall.

    ECO EDO 日本橋 アートアクアリウム 2019
    Lotusrium ロータスリウム

    ECO EDO 日本橋 アートアクアリウム 2019
    Oiran 花魁

    ECO EDO 日本橋 アートアクアリウム 2019
    O-oku 大奥

    Super-oiran 超花魁

    ◆ Night Aquarium

    In the evening after 7 pm, the glittering place will transform into a night lounge with DJs, live music and special shows, which include Japanese traditional performing arts such as Noh Theater, Kyogen, and dance by Geiko.

    If you like, watch the artistic fish tanks and shows, while sipping a glass of sake (*drink fees extra).

    There will be no extra charge for the Night Aquarium (*except for certain special events).

    ◆ Art Aquarium Summer Festival

    Every weekend*, Fukutoku-no-mori, the adjacent outdoor space, will offer a bit of Japanese summer festival ambiance. Join the “bon odori” dance for free.

    【Period】 20 July – 1 September 2019*
    (Bon-odori dance: on Sat & Sun from 27 September)
    【Place】 Fukutoku-no-mori
    【Time】Bon Odori: (Part 1) 5:30 – 6 :15 pm; (Part 2) 7 – 7 :45 pm

    ECO EDO 日本橋 アートアクアリウム 2019

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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