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High Speed! Free! Starting Days

  • High Speed! Free! Starting Days

    “Free!” is a popular Japanese TV anime series, aired between 2013 and 2014, depicting the friendship and drama of high school boys engrossed in swimming. Based on its original “High☆speed!”, a light novel written by Koji Oji, this brand-new animation movie “High☆speed! Free! Starting Days” is now coming to screen. As a prequel to the TV series, the film is set in Iwatobi Junior High School, where Haruka joins the swimming club. He has to compete in medley relay, teaming up with Makoto, Asahi and Fumiya, each with a distinct personality. Will the boys make it?

    High Speed (article by amuzen) © 2015 O.K/HS

    © 2015 O.K/HS

  • Date To be screened from 5 December 2015
    Original “High☆speed!” by Koji Oji
    Director Yasuhiro Takemoto
    Production High Speed Production Committee
    Animation Kyoto Animation
    Distribution Shochiku

High Speed! Free! Starting Days – Official Trailer

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