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  • 3D virtual tour at the Mori Art Museum
    “Future and Art Exhibition”

    Mori Art Museum, temporarily closed during the national state of emergency, is showing on its website a variety of contents to enjoy from home for a limited period – Stay home, stay creative: MAM @ HOME.

    An absolutely not to miss among them is a wonderful 3D virtual tour of the “Future and Art Exhibition”. The show at the museum started on 19 November 2019 but ended before the scheduled end of 29 March, due to the coronavirus crisis.

    森美術館「未来と芸術展」3Dウォークスルー 特別公開

    All photos: “Future and Art Exhibition 3D Walkthrough”


    3D Walkthrough of the “Future and Art Exhibition”

    Entitled “Future and Art Exhibition: AI, Robots, Cities, Life: How People Live Tomorrow”, the show highlighted art, design and architecture created under the influence of cutting-edge technologies including AI, biotechnology, robotics and AR (augmented reality).

    A total of more than 100 works and projects by international artists and teams were presented to offer a look into the future.

    森美術館「未来と芸術展」3Dウォークスルー 特別公開
    森美術館「未来と芸術展」3Dウォークスルー 特別公開
    森美術館「未来と芸術展」3Dウォークスルー 特別公開

    This virtual “3D Walkthrough” allows visitors to explore the show from 360-degree angles, while watching video commentary (in Japanese) by Fumio Nanjo (the former director and now special advisor of MAM).

    The 3D Walkthrough is also equipped with English panels for non-Japanese native visitors.

    3D Walkthrough at Mori Art Museum

    Enter the site by clicking the photo below (opened for a limited period).

    森美術館「未来と芸術展」3Dウォークスルー 特別公開

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