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Matcha Beer Garden: Raise a green glass to matcha beer!


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  • Matcha Beer Garden

    1 June – 30 September 2016


    The Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu, right opposite Shin-ochanomizu subway station, is an establishment going back to 1899 that cherishes the motto of “Japanese hospitality”.

    On its first floor it houses a pleasant café-restaurant with an open terrace, offering Japanese tea and Japanese cuisine: GREEN TEA RESTAURANT 1899 (“ichi-hachi-kyu-kyu”) OCHANOMIZU.

    During summer until the end of September, the place turns into a beer garden. But do not expect ordinary beers. Their specialty is all Japanese-tea flavoured! Nine kinds of frothy drink are available, including the deep green “Matcha Beer”, slightly bitter “Matcha Black Beer”, and non-alcoholic “Green Tea Beer”. Order with matcha-flavoured amuse bouche to complete your Japanese tea experience!

    抹茶ビアガーデン お茶料理とともにいただく「日本茶×ビール」in 御茶ノ水 (amuzen article)抹茶ビアガーデン お茶料理とともにいただく「日本茶×ビール」in 御茶ノ水 (amuzen article)抹茶ビアガーデン お茶料理とともにいただく「日本茶×ビール」in 御茶ノ水 (amuzen article)

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